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These pictures show how all Zet PC platform is able to execute graphical programs, such as Microsoft Windows 3.0 or text mode programs, like Norton Commander or Rogue. If you have some more pictures, feel free to contribute.

Microsoft Windows 3.0 screenshots

Altera DE1 booting Microsoft Windows 3.0
Opening an image with Paintbrush
Doing some floating point calculations with Windows Calculator and writing some text with Microsoft Write
Browsing SD card's files with Windows File Manager


Do you remember the strategy game Dune 2? Here using 320x200 with 256 colors (in chain 4 mode)
Playing Lemmings with the open source Zet platform, now 320x200 with 16 colors, planar mode
Also, Gods was an amazing platformer!

MS-DOS 6.22 screenshots

Picture of the board connected to a screen booting MS-DOS 6.22
Do you remember Norton Commander??


Me being happy with the result :D