Merge a pull request

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We have to verify that there are no binary or generated files in each commit.

  • Clone Zet repository: cd ~/src; git clone
  • Add remote and fetch external branch: git add remote sir; git fetch sir
  • Create local branch: git checkout -b sir sir/master
  • Explore all additions and note down the commit ID of those that needs to be edited: git log --stat
  • Run rebase interactive and edit each one that has to be modified, starting with the first one: git rebase --interactive bbc643cd^
  • When you are in a commit that must be modified, just git rm <files> or add appropriate files. Then git commit --amend and git rebase --continue.
  • Once it's all done, we can do last review with git log --stat again.
  • Then, we switch to master, and merge: git checkout master; git merge sir