Making a release

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To make a new release, just follow these instructions:

  • Before commiting the last version to GIT, ensure that quality release requirements are met.
  • Do the actual commit: git commit
  • Create an annotated tag: git tag -a v1.2.0 -m 'version 1.2.0'
  • Push the contents of the repository to server: git push; git push --tags

Downloading and preparing the archive

  • Go to a temporary folder: cd ~/tmp
  • Clone the repository from server: git clone git://
  • Create the ChangeLog file: cd zet/; git log v1.1.0..v1.2.0 > ChangeLog-1.2.0
  • Get the microcode: cd cores/zet/rtl; ../bin/micro2rom < altera/microcode.txt
  • Build the BIOS: cd src/bios; wmake; cp bios.rom ..; wmake clean; mv ../bios.rom .
  • Build bitfiles by opening QPF files in Quartus and Start Compilation. When done, close all instances of Quartus II.
  • Meanwhile, copy flash bitfiles to bin/ directories:
cd ~/zet/scr/boards; for i in $(ls); do cp $i/bin/flash_bios.sof ~/tmp/zet/boards/$i/bin; done
  • Checkout qsf files again:
git checkout boards/altera-de0/syn/kotku.qsf boards/altera-de1/syn/kotku.qsf boards/altera-de2-115/syn/kotku.qsf
  • Clean syn/ directories from boards:
cd ~/tmp/zet/boards
for i in $(ls)
  mv $i/syn/kotku.{sof,pof} .
  rm -fR $i/syn
  git checkout $i/syn
  mv kotku.* $i/syn
  • Remove the .git subdirectory: rm -fR .git/

Make the archives

cd ..
mv zet zet-1.2.0
tar cjvf zet-1.2.0.tar.bz2 zet-1.2.0
cd zet-1.2.0/
zip -r ../ *
cd ..

Before uploading, compile the design and BIOS and test it to see that it's working.

Upload and change the web

  • Upload the two archives to the wiki, using the upload link with text Zet PC SoC platform version 1.2.0 (zip archive)
  • Change the main page section Download the source and participate, using the Release template
  • Add some descriptive news to the Template:News
  • Copy the news to the website.
  • Create news in the forum