Cmp/neg test bench

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In this example these instructions are tested:

  • cmp and neg




Memory contents at the end should be:

0x00:  0x0001  0x0002  0xffff  0xffff  0x0001  0xffff  0x8000  0x8000
0x10:  0x7f81  0xefc3  0xe933  0xff01  0xffff  0x8080  0x01ff  0x807f
0x20:  0xbc00  0x0000  0x8001  0x8000  0x5317  0x00bc  0x3781  0x8000
0x30:  0xXXXX  0xXXXX  0x0883  0x0013  0x0097  0x0046  0x0017  0x0887
0x40:  0x0093  0x0046  0x0087  0x0887  0x0887  0x0082  0x0046  0x0097
0x50:  0x0096  0x0016  0x0893  0x0093  0x0816  0x0082  0x0046  0x0097